Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Horizon Educates Students on Insects & Shows Live Madagascar Hissing Roaches at Super Science Saturday

As part of its community outreach program, Horizon Pest Control recently participated in Ridgewood’s Super Science Saturday to share its knowledge of insects and pests with children of all ages. Although many people think that Horizon exists solely to kill all bugs, it’s not entirely true. In general, we like bugs: We’re only interested in eliminating the pests that threaten heath and cause problems in people’s homes and businesses.

Our interactive exhibit at the area’s largest science fair featured Madagascar Hissing Roaches that attendees could touch and hold, as well as a live tarantula, which we kept safe in an observation habitat…for obvious reasons! It was exciting to see so many people approach the roaches with trepidation, but then, upon seeing their mild demeanor, muster the courage to pet them. Our team was eager to answer any and all questions…from ‘what does the tarantula eat’ to ‘how many roaches are in there’ to ‘can I have one?!’ For those less inclined to be near live insects, we also displayed preserved specimens of common pests and the damage they can create.

Many students and their parents also attended our new presentation, titled ‘How Do Such Small Pests Cause Such BIG problems’, which covers diseases and illnesses caused by pests and their global impact. From Malaria killing 3000 children a day over 1/3 of the world to Lyme’s Disease threatening us here in the United States, we discussed how the economy, weather and local demographics can affect how pests interact with humans with negative outcomes.

For more information on Horizon’s community outreach programs, please visit us at or contact


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