Friday, May 28, 2010

Would you have ever guessed...

Fill in the blank:

More human deaths have been attributed to _______ than to all the wars ever fought.

A) Bed Bugs

B) Fleas

C) West Nile Virus

D) Salmonella

E) Lyme disease

Check back next Tuesday for the answer!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Clover Mites

What's round and red and can fit on the head of a pin? A clover mite! They are tiny reddish to dark brown pests often seen on sunny days in early summer months. Clover mites are not insects, but belong instead to the arachnid group of arthropods - meaning they have 8 legs. They are very small (1/30 of an inch), oval-shaped and red colored. They make their way into buildings and homes through window screens, cracks in bricks, and under door sweeps. In some cases they will invade a structure in large numbers. Clover mites usually appear in May and June, but can also reappear in the early fall. They cause no damage and no not bite, however, if squished on a lightly colored wall or on a piece of fabric such as a curtain or pillow, they can leave a red stain.

Colver mites feed on well fertilized grass and lawns or on rooftops where there is mold or mildew growth. Once the summer temperatures heat up to above 85 degrees, clover mites will naturally die back, as their food source also dies back and they cease to be a problem. Sometimes they will reappear briefly during the early fall months until temperatures drop below about 50 degrees.

To prevent clover mites, keep your home free of grasses and vegetation from around the structure's perimeter foundation...this also helps to pest proof you home from several other pests! Here are some great tips that not only work for clover mites...but are pretty universal for pests in general. Seal up gaps, cracks and other points of entry into structures and around mortar and sidewalk areas near the foundation. You can close up openings with tight-fitting screens and tight fitting door sweeps.

If you have clover mites in your home, you can sucks them up with vacuum. Make sure you seal up the bag or empty the bin immediately and take the trash out because they can easily crawl out of the garbage. If the problem persists, we can treat for clover mites easily and effectively...but just remember, that the hot weather is around the corner and once the temps go up - the mites should no longer be a concern. :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Starlings, Pigeons and Sparrows....Oh My!

Did you know that all birds are federally protected in the US except for three? Starlings, pigeons and sparrows are not protected and may be removed of eradicated by a pest management professional when they are causing problems. For all other nuisance birds, pest management professionals must obtain a special permit or licence from the state's fish and wildlife department for any removal.

Did you also know that pest bird droppings can create a health hazards? A roost of nuisance birds can create a large pile of droppings resulting in hazardous walking areas and the acids in the droppings may corrode a car's finish.

But, more importantly, over time a roost full of dried droppings becomes a breathing hazard. Fungal spores may grow rapidly in such droppings, and if the pile of droppings is disturbed, the spores ca become airborne and aerosolized and when breathed in, this can lead to a lung disease called histoplasmosis.

Horizon Pest Control has the breathing equipment and experience to safely remove these roots with dried droppings. If you suspect an old bird roost full of droppings in your attic space or living areas, let us safely remove it for you.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Holy Mosquitoes Batman!

The mosquitoes are out and about and they are letting us know it! The weather has been wet and damp...a flying-blood-sucker utopia! Over this past weekend we spent a lot of time outdoors and the mosquitoes were constantly crashing our party! Between the declining bat population and the very wet spring - mosquitoes are thriving. To give you an idea of just how much bats help control the mosquito population - here's a little factoid: A single bat can consume more than 3,000 mosquitoes in just one summer night.

Here at Horizon, we expected populations to be at an all time high this summer...which is why we rolled out our new Block Party Mosquito program. This program offers our mosquito protection plan at a deep discount. All you need to sign up is 4 other participating houses in your neighborhood to participate. By proactively treating your neighborhood for mosquitoes, you will dramatically reduce the populations - not just in your yard- but in the other yards that surround your home! Your Block Party Program will collectively help your neighborhood stay protected from growing mosquito populations.

Take the BITE out of your sunny days and make sure you claim your deck and yard before those pesky mosquitoes do!

Check out more info on our declining bat populations here: