Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Footprints in the Snow

Happy Wednesday everyone! We hope you are staying warm and cozy during this beautiful blizzard.

While we cozy up to our fireplaces inside, many animals would also like to do the same in our attics and garages. If you've recently heard some rattling around in your home and thought that maybe you have unwanted visitors - tomorrow will be the perfect time to check around for some tell tail signs that you have some 4 legged guests by looking for their tracks in the snow! Try and have a look before the sun has a chance to melt the snow so you can see a crisp footprint. You may or may not be able to identify the animal, but you will certainly be able to see where they are entering your house. When dealing with nuisance animals like raccoons and squirrels, the best course of action is to cut off access to your home by repairing the point of access. Not only will this solution prevent future break-ins, but it will also help keep your energy costs down.

Horizon can help with any nuisance animal issues you might have in your home or business. Remember, while they are very cute and cuddly from a distance, they are in fact wild animals. For your safety and the safety of the animals, call a professional for help.

Stay warm!

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