Thursday, December 31, 2009

Hi Friends - it is with GREAT pride that we announce our latest achievement...Horizon has been named one of Angie's Lists Super Service Providers for 2009!
It is the highest honor given to companies by Angie’s List and is given annually to service companies who have achieved and maintained a superior service rating throughout the past year. Fewer than 5% of service companies on Angie’s List meet the eligibility requirements to be considered and even fewer actually receive the award. Here’s how we earned it:

Each eligible company must:
1) Maintain an “A” Total Overall grade.
2) Maintain an “A” Current Grade in the category in which they are eligible.
3) Maintain an “A” during the reporting period 11/1-10/31 with the minimum # of reports in the category in which they are eligible.
4) Must be in good standing with Angie’s List.

We have only our outstanding team to thank for all of their hard work and dedication that continues to make Horizon the best in the biz!!!

When you want it done right...there's only one choice - Horizon. Just ask Angie.


  1. This is great news!! Great client deserve excellent service. We will be looking to get better and better at what we do in 2010. Our current and future clients deserve it.
    J Pajunas, QA Coordinator

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